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Rev. Nathaniel Jackson


James L. Williams Jr

Dr. Giley E. Griffin


Sis. Claria Morgan

Sis. Cheryl Nelson

A Little History of R.A.C.C

First Avenue Christian Church (now Romine Avenue Christian Church) was organized in Dallas, Texas in 1874 by several white missionary women who conducted worship on Sunday afternoons with Black men and women.

The first building was in Downtown Dallas on Lamar Street, the site of the old Sanger Brothers Department Store (now El Centro Junior College). The church later moved to Young Street and remained there for 20 years. The church was later named First Christian Church. Elder F. Howell was called to pastor.

Years later, under the leadership of Elder A.C Wilson, the church moved to Cochran Street. Among the elders and members were: Elders J.L Patton, T.H. Routh, W.C. Patton, E.E. Fuller, Fred Stafford, F.F. Dawson, W.F. Dawson, W.F. Nelson, Sisters Lulu Grant, Robbie Pierson, E.G. Titus, Gertrude Green, Angie Robinson, Evelyn Proctor, Cecelia Coker and Sue Boyd.

In subsequent years, the church called Elder A. Scoot and it was under the pastorate when the congregation moved to 2302 Romine Avenue and Octavia in South Dallas. Members of Central Christian Church gave their support in securing the Romine Avenue structure, including Arthur J. Everett, B. Allen and Clay Besinger (note names on cornerstone). The Stafford family played an important role as pioneers of Romine Avenue Christian Church; Bro. Fred Stafford planned and built the present structure in which we are worshiping in today.


The first black kindergarten in South Dallas was organized by Miss Bess Manning and Mrs. Essie Ross at Romine Avenue Christian Church. Mrs. Claria Morgan transported children to and from the church.  

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